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To World Options, technology is an increasingly important part of the business. Not only does it enable us to identify and develop new methods of streamlining our operational systems, but it also enables us to put in place techniques for communicating vital information to our clients with greater speed and in greater detail. Our systems are very efficient and can react very quickly to changing circumstances.

Much of our developing technology is client-led, whereby we listen to what our clients are trying to achieve and then develop systems to provide the answers.

In addition we provide the following online services:

Web Bookings

Allowing clients to create Airway Bills on the Internet, which are then transmitted into our main computer systems. The online system enables clients to print package labels on their premises. The Web Bookings process also automatically schedules collection of the goods from the client's premises.

Proof of Delivery

Giving clients the opportunity to view their PODs on the Internet, ensuring peace of mind and providing an absolute time and date record for valuable consignments.

Ordering Shipping Materials

Enabling clients to request packing materials for their packages and documents to be sent to them.

Online Multicarrier Platform

At World Options we have developed a multi carrier platform enabling you our customer to book your parcels online with ease, regardless of which carrier you use.

Email Notification

Enabling you to receive via email notification delivery details on your packages.

SMS Tracking

Allowing you to receive text confirmation of the status of your packages keeping you informed on the move.