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World Options Standard Parcel Delivery Service For Europe Parcel Delivery

Dimensional Weight: Dimensional weight in kilos = length x height x width in centimetres divided 6000

Optional Services

Declared Value for Carriage : UPS liability is limited to £60 per shipment or if greater £8.33 per kilo. You may increase UPS limit by declaring a higher value for carriage on the UPS shipping documentation. The value of the goods declared shall not exceed USD 50,000 or its local currency equivalent per package. Fee of 1% of the value of the goods declared for carriage or a minimum of GBP 3.30 will be charged for this service.

Additional Costs Might Apply

Extended Area And Delivery Service : UPS provides a collection and delivery service in extended (remote) areas. An additional charge applies for each shipment that is collected and or delivered in an extended area. Fee for domestic and international shipments a charge of GBP 0.25 per kg or a minimum of GBP 13.50 per shipment whichever is the greatest.

Residential Delivery Service : UPS provides delivery service to residential addresses as well as business address. Fee for residential address is GBP 1.50 per shipment.

Receiver Refuses To Pay : This charge applies when the shipper selects the receiver or third party to pay the shipping charges and the bill to party refuses to pay. Fee GBP 7.35 per shipment will be charged to the shipper, in addition to the shipping charges.

Address Collection : If a wrong address is put on the package and UPS have to amend the address details. Fee of GBP 4.35 per shipment will be billed to the shipper, in addition to the shipping charges and other amounts payable when non-payment occurs.

Missing or Invalid Account Number : If the receiver or a third party is selected to pay the shipping charges and the bill to account is incorrect or missing. Fee of GBP 7.65 per shipment is billed to the shipper as a processing fee.

Additional Handling Service : Additional handling applies to the following, any article that is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood. Any cylindrical item such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tyre that is not fully encased in a cardboard shipping container.

Any package with the longest side exceeding 150cm, or its second side –longest side exceeding 76cm.

Any package with an actual weight, greater than 32kg.

Fee GBP 2.30 per package will be billed in addition to the shipping costs.

Over Maximum Limits : Packages with a maximum weight of more than 70kg or that exceed 270cm in length, or exceed a total of 330cm in length and girth combined=(2x width)+(2 x height), as measures to determine their billable weight, are not accepted for transportation. If found in the UPS system, they are subject to an additional charge.

DHL By Road

DHL Economy Select is a day definite international door to door service, offering reliable, cost effective and convenient business to business delivery. You can use this service for single parcels, multi parcels shipments and pallets, with weights up to 1000kg per parcel and up to 2,500 kg per shipment.

Dimensional Weight : Dimensional weight in kilos = length x height x width in centimetres divided 4000.

Maximum weight/shipment 2500kg. Maximum weight per piece is 1000kg. Maximum size per piece is 120x100x200cm

DHL Liability Provide a limit of up to £7.00 per kilos in the event of loss or damage.

Any package with the longest side exceeding 120cm, or its second side exceeding 76cm may attract a £15 charge.

Optional Services

DHL can arrange comprehensive insurance cover for your consignment for 1.5% of the value of the goods, subject to a £9.00 minimum charge.